We reproduce in Ourselves the same quality of Life which called that thing into existences. The Spirit. it gives life, movement to anything, and We must enter into the Spirit of it, the books, the pictures, the music, our medicines, nationality, technology, our marriage, if we cannot enter into the Spirit of it, all are meaningless, vanity (Ecclesiasts 1:8) The spirit is in itself the principle of increase, gives form to thoughts, feelings & distributes power. The feelings of the musicians, the thoughts of the author, the impression of the paint, the power of the preacher, the beauty of the bride. The spirit is poured out on all fresh and can be manifest in any place, and among any people without distinction, and anyone can receive the anointing needed to speak for and with God’s. (Acts 2) What is true of God, is true of You. God is a Spirit.  5/30/22

Hyper-masculine Amorously inclined, devoted himself by turns of Bacchus and Venus. Morals he said are jokes, this youth studying Medicine in New York City, Childish propensity for gaiety went in for Free love. Reckless and illogical having sexual relations with several girls who attended the same college “The girl from India” got Pregnant. Then there followed Legal action, coax took a bank loan for his wedding. He had to quit college in order to take care of his wife; He had married a girl he didn’t want, and a baby was born that neither of them wanted. Where are his freedom and his free love? working as a waiter, a wife and 2 kids he has placed himself in the prison of want, lack, resentment and poverty.

Epistemologically Pontius Pilate & The Roman officials washed their hands of the situation before the multitude. True, Racial injustice is everyone’s problems so don’t wash your hands on Jesus Christ & His Church, the only place where God & The People speaks & hear from each other. As Soil-breathed-Spirit, Human fallibility, Finitude can take a variety of forms and Yes Wheats and Weeds should be allowed to grow up together. We are all searching for better living conditions & Economic opportunities in this year 2022 against competitive Social & Political forces for market shares. Let’s all wash our hands on Covid-19 not on Christianity. 2/15/2022

They have taken Our Lord Jesus out of the tomb & We don’t know where they have put him said the Royal Ladies. “running while is still dark” They went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance. (John 20:1-2) Our Lord Jesus has conquered the grave. Hallelujah, Woman is the biggest part of every Culture & Any Man who doesn’t involve woman in his culture practice is a vulture. On thanksgiving weekend they were on the mountain top fasting, intercessory prayers, Government policies, parenthood the most wonderful time of the year. This coming holiday’s season let’s salute the Woman who always loves us, for their courage in Christ Jesus. 2/11/2021

The leaves are all falling, Sunshine and crisp air, birds, calmness. Life’s transition from Summer to Winter, They called it Autumn, daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the Temperature cools considerably. Don’t Let  Gaslighters, Defacement ruin Your Life and cost You money. Prayers is the most important conversation of your day. Take it to God before you take it to anyone else.1/10/21


September to remember. God’s peace, the peace that passeth all understanding fills my mind and heart. All things work together for good to them that love God say from your heart. You are in tune with all things God-like and behold “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.” know that God in action in you brings you beauty, peace, Divine right place, and harmony. If you begins with God, You will ends with God. Remember The fruit is in the seed, the oak is in the acorn. Draw close to Your Maker, He loves You and cares for You! As you turn to Him, He will turn to you; then the dawn appears and all the shadows flee away.

September 1/9/ 2021